Teaching and Qualification

  • Teaching and Qualification

    The academic personnel of IBIR have scientific potential with substantial experience in the application of contemporary methods and techniques. Modern equipment bought recently gives an opportunity for performance of good quality scientific analyses. There are possibilities for teaching of diploma and PhD students from Bulgaria and other countries and availability of good conditions for qualification in the listed topics:

    • Molecular mechanisms of cellular proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis in female and male reproductive organs.
    • Biology of reproduction, cryopreservation of gametes, stem cells and reproductive tissues.
    • Reproductive biotechnologies and embryo transfer in animals.
    • Molecular and reproductive immunology.
    • Cell and molecular engineering.

    Scientific degree

     Doctor of Sciences

    1. S.Simeonov. Ketose and kiver steatose in highly productive cows, 1979
    2. L.Kanchev. Hormonal regulation of the reproductive cycle in cows, 1981
    3. I.Kehayobv. Expression of stage-specific antigens in ontogenesis and oncogenesis, 1981
    4. N.Bankov. Regulation of the reproductive process in sheep and development of biotechnology methods for its intensification, 1983
    5. G.H.Georgiev. Studies on the role of proteins in seminal fluid in the reproductive process in Bos primigenius f. taurus, 1984
    6. D.Zagorski. Studies on the biological characteristics, storage and cryoconservation of seminal fluid from the species Sus scrofa f. domestica, 1984
    7. M.Semkov. Studies on the selection and use of male breeders for intensification of the selection and reproductive process in cattle-breeding, 1984
    8. R.Georgieva.. Some immunobiological problems of pregnancy, 1985
    9. B.Somlev. Kalekrein-kinin system in animal reproduction and its application in practice, 1985
    10. Z.Zahariev. Studies on the biological sufficiency of the semen in species Bos taurus, Ovis aries, 1985
    11. S.Kyurkchiev, Antigens of human gametes – specificity and biological role, 1992
    12. S.Lolov. Clinical observations and experimental; studies on the etiology and pathogenesis of otosclerosis, 2003
    13. M. Ivanova-Kicheva. Effect of cryopreservation on the biological potential of the male sex cells in a controlled breeding of domestic animals, 2010
    14. R.. Konakchieva. Melatonin and plasticity of the physiological mechanisms controlling the adaptation, 2010.

    PhD Theses

    15. V.Dikov. Studies on the blood groups in farm animals, 1965
    16. P.Marinov. Studies on the microflora in semen of farm animals, 1965
    17. S.Doichev. Studies on the morphology and biology of Thrichomonas foetus, 1966
    18. G.H.Georgiev. Studies on the phospholipids in semen of bovine breeders, 1967
    19. G.Uzunov. Dynamics of the concentration of nucleic acids and proteins in fowls organism during ontogenesis, 1968
    20. A. Tornyov. Studies on the antibodies against spermatozoa of bull, 1968
    21. N. Bankov. Studies on some lipid fractions in blood serum, liver and genital glands of of Gallus domesticus, 1968
    22. R.Georgieva. Some aspects of morphological and functional differentiation in the fundus part of the rennet and small intestines in the sheep during their ontogeni development, 1969
    23. E.Petkov. Effect of sex stimulation on the biological properties of semen of ram, 1969
    24. S. Zlatarev. Study on the influence of mono-, two- and three-carbonic acids on the metabolism of bull’s spermatozoa, 1970
    25. B. Somlev. Studies on the chromosomes of normal and intersexual swines, 1971
    26. V. Efremova. Study on the normal caryotype of the fowl Gallus domesticus, 1971
    27. M. Alexieva. Age characteristics of sperm production by boars of white Bulgarian breed, 1972
    28. D. Zagorski. Biological parameters of semen from boars from landras, large white and white Bulgarian breeds, 1973
    29. G.S. Georgiev. Studies on the reproductive process in turkeys, 1973
    30. G. Lalov. Studies on the activity of cholinesterase in blood serum of swinesd in some physiological and pathological states, 1973
    31. M. Ivanova. Studies on the immunological properties of gonadotropin in serum of pregnant mares, 1973
    32. D. Bolhorlo. Study on the effect of some dilutors on the biological properties of bull spermatozoa, 1973
    33. A.Kolinkoeva. Effect of magnet and electromagnet fields on some aspects of the biology of spermatozoa, 1975
    34. L.Petrova. Studies on some biological interrelations between lipids and vitamin E in fowls and chicken, 1976
    35. S.Pavlova. Biochemical and immunological studies of proteins in seminal plasma, 1977
    36. P. Korvalan. Studies on the technologies for cryoconservation of bull spermatozoa, 1978
    37. V.Karcheva. Studies on the serum sperm-agglutinins and immunoglobulins in calves and bulls, 1978
    38. S.Dobrovolova. Comparative studies on the polymorphism in panmictic populations of species from genus Glupeonella Kessler and genus Merluccius refinesque, 1979
    39. G.Bazar. Results from the hybridization between wild mountain goat and Mongolian farm goat, 1979
    40. I.Batova, Serum aspects of activated chromatin – sensitivity to deoxyribonucleases and protein composition, 1980
    41. M.Pedroso. Immunological studies on the male genitals of the bull, 1981
    42. M.Mollova. Studies on the motility and some structural changes in male gametes of Ovis aries prior to and after cryoconservation, 1982
    43. P.Popova. Effect of O,O-diethl-S(6chlorbenzk-sazolonilmethyl) dithyiophsphate (Agriya 1060) on the lipids in the uterus, ovaries and permeability of cellular and subcellular membranes in rat, 1983
    44. K.Bratova. Investigation off the biological activity of Black sea Проучване биологичната активност на черноморски seaweeds on the egg laying of fowls and viability of hen embryos, 1983
    45. B.Stankov. Hypothalamic and ovarian control of the tonic and incidental secretion of the luteinizing hormone in sheep, 1983
    46. M.Ali. Studies on some paratmeters of the reproductive processof cows in some breeding complexes in Bulgaria and Sudan, 1984
    47. L.Gabrovska. Influence of feeding on the growth and developments of lambs, 1984
    48. M.Marinov. Investigations on the biological sufficiency of stored ram seminal fluid, 1984
    49. M.Lazarov. Influence of zink on the reproductive process of cows, 1985
    50. N.Bobadov. Investigations on the cryoconservation of semen from boar, 1985
    51. E.Batjargamin. Hupothalamic-pituitary-ovarin interrelations in sheep and their application as a test for determination of the physiological status, 1986
    52. J.Suhdolgar. Contents of the sulphhydrial groups in isolated enterocytes and their role in resorption of synthetic L-amino acids and D-glucose, 1986
    53. E.Sapundjiev. Cryoconservation of oocytes from mammals, 1986
    54. M.G.Ivanova. Cryoprotection of male gametes from species Sus scrofa f.domestica, 1987
    55. P.Stoyanov. Investigation of the hydroponicum on the health status and reproduction of cows, 1987
    56. V.Tzvetkova. Investigations of the levels of amino acids in the alimentary system of pregnant sheep, 1987
    57. H.Karaivanov. Studies on the superovulation, oestrus synchronization and pre-implantation development of embryos of buffalo in relation to embryo transfer, 1988
    58. Ch.Vaisberg. Cryoprotection of male gametes of species Ovis aries, 1988
    59. Dr.Petkov. Diagnostics and of the reproductive status of cows by the concentration of progesterone assayed by a radio-immune assay, 1988
    60. M.Dubova. Comparative studies on the local and system immune response in isospermimmunization of female rabbits, 1988
    61. D.Dimitrova-Dikanarova. Characteristcs of sperm-coating antigens identified by monoclonal antibodies, 1989
    62. R.Konakchieva. The role of adrenal glands in regulation of the sexual cyclic functions of sheep, 1989
    63. B.Velev. Non-specific cellular reactions in immunologically mediated subfertility in cows and approaches to modulate them, 1989
    64. S.Tyutyulkova. Studies, characteristics and possibility for application of monoclonal antibodies against digoxin, 1990
    65. S.Bulahbel. Postnatal development and physiological maturity of sheep ovar, 1990
    66. K.Heleli. Dynamics of the kalekrein activity in some biological fluids pf cows during different stages of their reproductive process, 1990
    67. A.Ilieva. Morpho-[hysiological alterations of boar spermatozoa after cryoconservation, 1990
    68. P.Fileva-Simeonova. Production and characterization of antibodies specific to myocardial myosin, 1991
    69. Fung Kuang. Studies on some reproductive parameters in cows, bred in Изследвания на някои репродуктивни показатели при крави, отглеждани при industrial conditions and attempts to increase their fertility, 1991
    70. Kishor Kumar Barua. Influence of GRH and ferromones present in urine of bulls on the hormonal status of cows during puerperal period, 1991
    71. H.marinova. Possibilities to determine some physiological states in cows using the concentration of progesterone and cortisol in the saliva, 1991
    72. B.Georgiev. An investigation on NAD/P/H–dependentoxyreductase (diaphorase) in the boar spermatozoa, 1991
    73. S.Persengiev. Interrelations between pineal gland and peripheral endocrine glands producing steroid hormones, 1991
    74. Yu.Nesterova. Influence of some mineral and vitamine additives in the food on the reproductive capability of rams, 1991
    75. B.Kocev. Biotechnological methods for reproduction of Northeastern Bulgarian yhin-fleece sheep, 1991
    76. Ts.Maslev. Biological and biotechnological investigations on the production and storage of embryos of meat producing bovine breeds, 1991
    77. I.Ralchev. A study on the biology and biotechnology pf reproduction in sheep by laparoscopy, 1992
    78. I.Marinova. Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against melanoma-associated antigens, 1992
    79. S.Lolov. Immunochemical characterization of functionally important epitopes specific to zona pellucida, 1992
    80. M.Stoyanov. Movement of biogenic and toxic chemical elements with lithosphere origin in production of eggs, 1992
    81. G.Gerchev. Physical and sexual development of sheep from Tsigai breed, 1992
    82. M.Sabev. Objective characterization of the reproductive properties of young boars by testis-metric and sperm studies, 1993
    83. P.Todorov. Influence of the methods for thawing on the morpho-physiological sufficiency of cryoconserved spermatozoa and mammal embryos, 1993
    84. P. Tsvetkova. Hormonal aspects of the congenital diseases of the male genital tract and infertility, 1994
    85. V.Terzieva. Construction of heterohybridomas, producing human monoclonal antibodies against antigens of Treponema pаllidum, 1995
    86. P.Deyanova. Endocrine characterization of the puerperal period in cows and approaches to influence it, 1995
    87. V.Atanasov. A study on the effect of newly developed protective media on the biological sperm of fish, 1996
    88. S.Dimitrov. Influence of some protective media on the biological sufficiency of spermatozoa from turkey-cock after shot-time storage, 1997
    89. S.Kolev. Effect of the hypothermic stress on some biological qualities of gametes from buffalo bulls, 1997
    90. D.Kopchaliiska. Idiotypic characteristics pf anti-insulin autoantibodies, 1999
    91. M.Gadjeva. Mechanism of covalent binding of C3 component of the complement, 1999
    92. G.Ivanov. Influence of non-enzyme glycosylated protein on the adhesion of lymphoid cells, 1999
    93. R.Ikonomova. Ecologic investigations on the bio-accumulation of toxic elements in mordant Black sea mollusca using veterinary sanitary assessment, 1999
    94. Ts.Djarkova. Characterization of antigens, expressed during capacitation of spermatozoa, 2000
    95. A.Kenderov. Immunochemical studies on the autoreactivity of the heat-shock protein 90 (HSP90), 2001
    96. M.Chorbadjieva. Early markers of somatic embryogenesis is suspension cultures of D.glomerata L, 2001
    97. V.Manolova. Molecular mechanisms of presentation of lipid antigens by CD1, 2002
    98. M.Murdjeva. Expression of atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) in cell cultures and in ontogenesis of the rat reproductive system, 2003
    99. M.Ivanov. Influence of selen compounds on the biological properties of fresh semen and kinetics of frozen spermatozoa from young bulls, 2003
    100. S.Hayrabedyan. Anginogenic factors and tumor markers in endometriosis, 2005
    101. R.Trifonova. Biological effects of the soluble forms of the ligands DELTA1 and JAGGED1 in cellular signalization by NOTCH receptors, 2005
    102. N.Giltyai. Participation of ceramid and neutral sphingomyelinase in the IL-1b signal pathway in liver, 2005
    103. P.Hristov. Determination of the optimal moment for artificial insemination of cows, 2005
    104. K.Todorova. Studies on biomarkers for prostate cancer with possible diagnostic and therapeutic significance, 2006
    105. P.Rashev. Local factors and mechanisms during implantation and pregnancy in swine, 2006
    106. D.Avtanski. Insulin-dependent and insulin-independent effects of thiazolidines in human ovary, 2006
    107. R.Stefanov. Antioxidant defense of spermatozoa from animal species ovis aries и bos taurus during in vitro storage, 2007
    108. I.Terzieva. Studies on the expression and characteristics of αВ-crystallin and Hsp27 in normal and pathologic human thyroid gland, 2007
    109. E.Ivanova-Todorova. Immunomodulatory effect of progesterone on the cells of the immune system, 2008
    110. P. Taushanova-Chorbanova. Identification, biochemical characterization and physiological role of melatonin receptors in primary and secondary immune organs, 2009
    111. I. Bochev. Comparative studies on the immunomodulating activity of human mesenchymal stem cells isolated from different sources, 2009
    112. A. Kukov. Investigation of the role of selected seminal plasma proteins during in vitro storage of ram spermatozoa.

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