Mission and priorities


Conducting fundamental and applied studies on reproduction in human and animals.  Studies of the factors and mechanisms involved in gametogenesis, fertilization, implantation and pregnancy. Clarification of the processes of autoreacivity and autoimmune response in reproduction. Revealing the role of biomolecules and metabolic processes for storage and cryopreservation of reproductive tissues and cells. Development of biotechnological approaches for artificial insemination, micromanipulations and embryo transfer in animals.


  • Applies studies with diagnostic significance for the reproductive health in human and control of the reproductive process in animals;
  • Studies on the effect of reproductive factors on human stem cells.
  • Designing of approaches to prevent and fight infertility in human and schemes to increase the fecundity and reproduction of farm animals; 
  • Enforcement of IBIR as European Research Center for studies in the field of biology and immunology of reproduction in human and animals.

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