Membership in professional organizations

    • Membership in professional organizations1. International Coordination Committee of Immunology of Reproduction
      2. International Association of Reproductive Immunology  
      3. European Association of Immunology of Reproduction  
      4. International Association for research of early pregnancy  
      5. English Association for studies on fertility  
      6. English Association of Endocrinology  
      7. European group for studies on pineal gland  
      8. International neuroimmunology association  
      9. European association of neuroendocrynology  
      10. European Society of Human reproduction and Embriology (ESHRE)  
      11. International Veterinary Association  
      12. World Veterinary Association of Small Animals
      13. European Veterinary Association of Small Animals
      14. European Association of reproduction of small animals  
      15. European Association of reproduction of domestic animals   
      16. Egypt Association of buffalo-breeding  
      17. Egypt Veterinary Association
      18. Bulgarian Academy of Medicine
      19. Union of Scientists in Bulgaria
      20. Bulgarian Society of Reproductive Immunology
      21. Bulgarian Society of Immunology  
      22. Bulgarian Society of physiology  
      23. Bulgarian Scientific Society of biochemistry and molecular biology
      24. Bulgarian Association of Sterility and Reproductive Health  
      25. Bulgarian Association of reproduction and embryology  
      Expert ActivitySenior members of IBIR are actively working as experts to the following commissions:

      1. Expert of the international Agency for peaceful use of atomic energy (MAAE), Vienna, (L. Kanchev)   
      2. Principal coordinator and Head of the Bulgarian group in the UEH for endocrinological studies and regulation of reproductive cycle, 1979-1990, /L. Kanchev/
      3. Expert commission of Biological and Medico-biological sciences of the HAC  /I. Kehayov/
      4. Expert commission of stock-breeding and veterinary medicine of HAC /L. Kanchev, R. Georgieva/
      5. Expert commission of the MES for research projects in Biology and in Stock-breeding and Veterinary medicine  /L. Kanchev, I. Kehayov, S. Kyurkchiev /
      6. Experts board of the Center for biotechnology /I. Kehayov/
      7. SSB of immunology of reproduction at HAC (all senior members of IBIR)
      8. SSB of microbiology, virology and immunology at HAC /L. Kanchev, I. Kehayov, S. Kyurkchiev /
      9. SSB of molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics at HAC /I. Kehayov, S. Kyurkchiev /
      10. SSB of stock-breeding at HAC    /L. Kanchev/
      11. SSB  of veterinary medicine at HAC /L. Kanchev/
      12. SSB of zoology at HAC /I. Kehayov, M. Mollova/
      13. SSB of physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology at HAC /L. Kanchev/
      14. SSB of morphology, physiology and non-infectious pathology of animals at HAC /S. Zlatarev, D. Kacheva/
      15. SSB of stock-breeding and selection of farm animals at HAC / M. Mollova /
      16. Membership in the General Assembly of BAS /L. Kanchev, I. Kehayov, R.Georgieva, K.Kovachev, M.Mollova /
      17. President of the International Coordination Committee of Reproductive Immunology / R. Georgieva /
      18. Secretaly general of the International Society of immunology of reproduction /R. Georgieva /
      19. President of the Bulgarian Association of Sterility and Reproductive Health, 2003-2006 / S. Kyurkchiev /
      20. Representative of Bulgaria in ESDAR /European Society for Domestic Animal     Reproduction/ /D. Kacheva/
      21. Member of the Managing committee for COST Action FA0602 /D Kacheva, E. Kistanova/
      22. Problem Council of Medico-biological sciences of the Executive Council of BAS /M. Stamenova/
      23. Problem Council of Agrobiological studies of the Executive council of BAS /D.Kacheva, М. Кicheva/
      24. Participation in the expert group of the Technology platform FABRE “Health, Welfare, Performance ” of the European Union /D. Kacheva , E. Kistanova /
      25. Representative of Bulgaria in the World small animals veterinary association /WSAVA/ и European association of small animals /FECAVA  /B. Georgiev/
      26. Founder and chief editor of the journal Biologia et immunologia reproductionis, 1979-1987. /K. Bratanov/
      27. Members of the editorial board of the journal Biologia et immunologia reproductionis, 1979-1990. /V. Valchanov, V. Dikov, N. Bankov, A. Savov/
      28. Founder and editor-in-chief of the journal Veterinary medicine, 1990-2002. /L. Kanchev /
      29. Deputy chief editor of the journal Andrologia, 1993 –  / L. Kanchev /
      30. Deputy chief editor of the journal Biotechnology and Biology, 1991-1992. /L. Kanchev/
      31. Member of the editorial board of the journal Macedonian Journal of Reproduction, 1999- /L. Kanchev /
      32. Editor-in-chief of the journal  Reproductive Health, 2002-2006, /S. Kyurkchiev /
      33. Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling, 2004-  /S. Kyurkchiev /
      34. Member of the editorial board of the Turkish Journal of Immunology, 2004- /S. Kyurkchiev /
      35. Member of the editorial board of the Journal Clinical Application of Immunology, 2004- /S. Kyurkchiev /
      36. Member of the editorial board of the journal Embryology, /P. Todorov, R .Konakchieva/  
      37. Member of the editorial board of the journal Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry, Serbia , 2005 – /E. Kistanova/
      38. President of Bulgarian Society of Immunology, USB / S. Kyurkchiev /
      39. President of section Veterinary medicine and stock-breeding at USB /R .Georgieva, D. Kacheva/
      40. Members of the Commission of the Ministry of agriculture and forests and National veterinary office for preparation of Directive and programs for the work of stations for artificial insemination /I. Nikolov, M Sabev, D. Kacheva/  
      41. Member of the State examination commission of the Department of cellular biology, Sofia University /R. Konakchieva/  
      42. Member of the Arbitration commission for competitive examinations at Medical University, Sofia /M. Stamenova/  Awards and distinctionsAcad. Kiril Bratanov – selected international awards and distinctions
      • Medals – “Lomonosov” /1955/; “Lazaro Spalancani” /1964/; “Bourne” /1967/; “Mechnikov” /1971/, “Vavilov”/1972/, “Baumann”/1973/, “Knowledge” /1973/, “Suhe Bator”/1972/, “Spalancani” /1964/, “Jolio Currie” /1968/, “Order of the Chehoslovakian Agriculture Academy” /1970/, “Medal of Illinois University, USA” /1970/, „Mechnikov” /1971/, „Suhe Bator – Mongolia” /1972/,  „Louis Pasteur” /1978/, “Honorary medal of the Spanish Royal Academy” /1980/ and others
      • Elected as member of the French Veterinary Academy /1971/, German Agricultural Academy of sciences /1971/, Italian Veterinary Academy /1973/, Italian scientific society of veterinary medicine /1976/, Turkish society of gynecology and obstetrics /1976/, Belgian Royal Medical Academy /1979/, Spanish Royal veterinary Academy /1980/ and others
      • At the 4th International congress of immunology, Paris, July 1980 acad.K.Bratanov was awarded with medal “Louis Pasteur” by the Directors Board of the Institute “Louis Pasteur” for his achievements and scientific papers in the field of immunology of reproduction.    
      • In 1986 in Toronto (Canada) acad. K.Bratanov was elected as a Honorary President of the International Society of Immunology of Reproduction (ISIR).  
      • At the 6th Congress of ISIR (1995) in Washington, acad. K.Bratanov was awarded posthumously with medal for his merits for the development of the scientific direction “Immunology of reproduction” in the world.   
      Vulchan Vulchanov
      • The “Kiril and Metodi”Order  1st degree
      Vulo Dikov
      • The “Kiril and Metodi”Order 2nd degree
      Dragomir Zagorski
      • Honorary medal  “Honorary  Inventor”
      Nikola Bankov
      • The “Kiril and Metodi”Order 2nd degree
      Rashko Prahov
      • The “Kiril and Metodi”Order  1st degree
      Stoyan Doichev
      • The “Kiril and Metodi”Order  1st degree
      • Diploma for achievements in the research in the field of stock-breeding   
      Nicho Ivanov
      • Honoured figure of science
      Simeon Simeonov
      • Honorary diploma and award from the Union of scientific workers in Bulgaria for achievement in science  
      Dano Danov
      • The “Kliment Ohridski” medal  
      Кольо Влахов
      • The “Kliment Ohridski” medal  
      Stoyan Zlatarev
      • Honorary sign “For achievements in the technical progress”  
      Ivan Kehayov
      • The “Kiril and Metodi”Order  1st degree
      • Honorary diploma from the National Fund “Scientific Investigations” for the research project “Expression and subcellular immunolocalization of the atrial natriuretic peptide in endothelial and smooth muscle cells from human aorta”, 8th session 1998-2001.   
      Rayna Georgieva
      • The “Kiril and Metodi”Order  1st degree
      • Silver medal for Contributions in development of the reproductive immunology from the International Society of Immunology of Reproduction, Rome, 1992  
      • The “1300 Years Bulgaria” medal
      • Golden “Diploma medici veterinarii” for Contributions in the development of science and veterinary medicine  
      Kolyo Vlahov, Dimitrina Kacheva, Hristo Karaivanov 
      • Award from the German and Chech Academy of Sciences for significant achievements (1978-1982) on the problems of embryo transfer.  
      Margarita Mollova, Maria Ivanova, Maria Stamenova, Stanimir Kyurkchiev, Jana Peknicova   
      • Award for a scientific presentation at the 1st International Forum of Reproductive Immunology, Magdeburg, June 19-23, 1990  
      • Award for a scientific presentation at the European congress of immunology of reproduction, Rome, Oct. 28-29, 1999  
      Plamen Todorov, Rositza Konakchieva et al.  
      • Award from the MU Sofia “Signum Laudis” for services to medicobiological sciences, 2002  
      Dimitrina Kacheva
      • Award from the Egyptian Academy of Sciences, Veterinary Faculty, University Cairo, 2004  
      Ivaylo Vangelov, Julieta Dineva, Georgi Nikolov, Stefan Lolov, Maria Ivanova
      • The scientific committee of the “7th Royan International Research Awards”  nomined the paper “ Antibodies against granulosa luteinized cells and their targets in women attending IVF program”  for the Royan International research award an annual prize for best five  researches in the field of Reproductive biomedicine, 2005
      Soren Hayrabedyan  
      • Diploma from UBS for achievements related to the PhD thesis “Studies on the expression of angiogenic factors and tumor markers in endometriosis.”, Director of studies: prof. I. Kehayov, 2008

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