Expert and consulting activity

The Institute has the competence to perform clinical laboratory analysis and consultancy in the field of reproductive biology and immunology in animals and humans and to provide to the relevant state administrative bodies, to public and private clinics and centers for breeding modern biotechnology relating to:

  • Qualitative assessment of semen using modern methods and techniques for cell selection, morphological and functional analysis of sperm.
  • Testing the spermatozoa fertility by model systems for in vitro fertilization, fertility assessment of quality of semen from young animals before their inclusion of breeding activity.
  • Qualitative assessment of fresh and deep frozen semen from valuable sires and for imports from abroad in connection with forecasting of fertility and the possibilities for practical use.
  • Consulting, preventive and diagnostic activities in disorders of the reproductive process, pathological forms of pregnancy, abortion, etc.
  • Optimized biotechnology for cryopreservation of sperm from man and various kinds of males.
  • Modern biotechnology for artificial insemination of cows, pigs, sheep, horses, buffaloes and dogs.
  • Proof of traces of human seminal plasma in investigative cases for the purposes of criminology.
  • Diagnostic tests for determination of antiphospholipid antibodies in women with recurrent miscarriages and failed in vitro fertilization or embryo transfer. Tests for anti-ovary antibodies in infertile women with ovarian disorders and in patients with failed in vitro fertilization or embryo transfer.

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