Embryobitechnologies in animals

Head of department:
Prof. Plamen Todorov, DSc, PhD

Team department:

Assoc. Prof. Rosen Stefanov, DVM, PhD
Assistant Hristina Blagova
  • Main research topics

    Head of Department:  Associate Professor ROSSEN GEORGIEV STEFANOV, DVM, PhD

    Main research topics

    • Research on reproduction in farm animals under naturally occurring conditions and elaboration of novel methods and approaches to facilitate maximum use of their reproductive capacity.
    • Investigations on processes of superovulation and synchronization of the oestrous cycle between donors and recipients (cattle, sheep, goats, buffaloes), induced by different hormonal preparations and schedules during oestral, early and late anoestral season, with the aim to improve the embryobiotechnology in different animal species.
    • Elaboration of surgical (laparotomy, laparoscopy) and non-invasive methods for the receipt and transfer of embryos (in mice, rabbits, sheep, goats and buffaloes).
    • Morphological examinations of the special features of oocytes and embryos of different animals at cellular and sub-cellular level, as well as species idiosyncrasy in the dynamic of the pre-implantation embryo development.
    • Development of methods for fresh embryo culturing invitro and invivo and cryopreservation methods for long-term storage.
    • Investigations on the impact of biologically active substances of non-hormone origin on the reproductive potential of farm animals.

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