• Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction
      "Acad. Kiril Bratanov"

      • Mission and vision

        Mission of IBIR - BAS

        IBIR- BAS performs fundamental and applied scientific investigations as well as educational activity in the domain of biology and immunology of animal and human reproduction.

        The investigation domain of IBIR-BAS is unique at national level and is dedicated at resolving of social problems like reproductive health, sustainable usage and restoration of natural resources and improvement of quality of life.

        Vision of IBIR – BAS for the year of 2025

        IBIR - BAS is a well established and recognised European centre of excellence carrying out outstanding research with the ultimate goal to improve reproductive health, and as well is an equally standing partner in scientific research on biology and immunology of reproduction in humans and animals in the European Research Area.

        Guiding principles and values

        The researchers of IBIR – BAS follow the principles and values spelled out in the European Charter for Researchers, namely research freedom, research ethics and scientific integrity, professional responsibility, professional attitude, contractual and legal obligations (incl. IPR regulations), accountability, good practice in research, dissemination and exploitation of results, public engagement, relation with supervisors of the junior researchers, supervision and managerial duties of the senior researchers, and continuing professional development. The following principles that guide the research work of IBIR – BAS’ staff are complementary to the ones presented in the European Charter for Researchers:

        • Engagement to social problems related to the reproductive health and food quality and safety in Bulgaria and Europe.
        • High quality, interdisciplinary and innovative scientific production
        • Dissemination and exploitation of  scientific results
        • Networking with national, European and international partners.

        RTDI Strategy of IBIR - BAS

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