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      • Defense of PhD thesis

        Apr 10, 2012

        Тhe Institute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction “Acad. Kiril Bratanov” and the Reviewers Commission for awarding of PhD degree, based on protocol of the Scientific Committee № 11 dated January 24th 2012 and Order by the Director of the Institute № 21 dated January 31st 2012, announce that the open discussion for defense of the thesis with subject:


        "Role of melatonin and growth factors in the paracrine regulation of steroidogenesis and functional characteristics of human reproductive cells"


        for awarding PhD degree to Georgi Nikolaev Georgiev shall be held in the conference room of the institute on April 24th 2012 at 12:00 h.

        Scientific advisor: Assoc. Prof. Rossitza Konakchieva

        The thesis materials can be found in the library of the institute, as well as on the web page of IBIR – BAS.

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    Персонализирано търсене