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    • Институт по биология и имунология на размножаването
      "Акад. Кирил Братанов"

      • 14ти Международен Симпозиум по Имунология на Репродукцията (14th ISIR), 22-24 Май, 2015, Варна


         The 14th International Symposium for Immunology of Reproduction (14th ISIR), will be held on 22nd-24th of May, 2015, at the Frédéric Joliot-Curie International House of Scientists, Varna, Bulgaria



        International Coordination Committee for Immunology of Reproduction (ICCIR)


        The Symposium is organized by the International Coordination Committee for Immunology of Reproduction:

         The key (preliminary) topics will include:

        • Innate and adaptive immunity in reproduction; 
        • Immune regulation at maternal-fetal interface in implantation and pregnancy; 
        • Autoimmunity, endocrine disorders and reproduction; 
        • Immunological problems of infertility, pregnancy loss, implantation failures, ART; 
        • Mucosal immunity; 
        • Sexually transmitted diseases, local infections; 
        • Stem cells in reproduction;


        The Invited Speakers lectures and Presented Posters Abstracts will be published in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology:

        American Journal of Reproductive Immunology


        Please, send your abstracts until 15th of February, 2015 to the Organizing Committee at georgievar@hotmail.com!


        The Abstract requirements follow the rules posted at the Author Guidelines of American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, pts 6, 7 and 8:


        Title -  the title of the article, authors' names (with degrees) and affiliations, complete mailing addresses.

        Abstract - This should be page two of the manuscript (2). It should be structured and consist of no more than 300 words, organized into four paragraphs, labeled ProblemMethod of StudyResults and Conclusions.

        Key words - A list of 3-6 key words is to be provided directly below the abstract. Key words should express the precise content of the manuscript and consist of words or phrases not in the title, as they are used for indexing purposes, both internal and external. They should each be arranged in alphabetical order and separated by a comma (,).



        It is my pleasure to invite you to come to Varna. I assure you that we will do the best to make you feel the warmth, cordiality and liveliness of Bulgaria. I believe that you will support our efforts for a successful and fruitful scientific outcome, by participating in the Symposium and sharing your knowledge. 
        Sincerely yours!


        Prof. Rayna Georgieva
        President of the Scientific and Organizing Committee

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